It has been proven that staged houses sell faster and for more money. Don’t buy anything and pay outrageous prices to stage your home.    It makes sense to rent furniture and accessories.  The cost of renting is far less expensive with M&M Furniture Rentals than buying furniture or having to reduce your asking price on the sale of your house.  We offer competitive rental rates!

Quality staging = quality furniture and accessories!  It adds value by using quality products.   At M&M Furniture Rentals we offer a range of stylish, quality furniture and accessories that is hard to find all in one place.  You can find our prices online and place an order and within a few hours someone will get back to you.

We take pride in our work and our clients are #1.   We will work with you to develop a trust based, long-term business relationship.  Our furniture is well maintained.  If an item is damaged it does not leave our showroom.  We also have professionals who will be there to help you with your project and make your experience with us beneficial. 


We have movers that we can recommend to help pickup and delivery your order.


Step 1:

Please add all the items you would like to rent in the shopping cart.

Step 2:

Fill in all the required information and click “Finalize the Quote” button. As soon as you submit the quote we will receive an email with your order. A copy of your submitted quote will also be sent to your mailbox.

Step 3:

We will check availability of the items and get back to you within one business day. We can also put selected items on hold for up to 7 days prior to your intended delivery date.

Order Policies

If you have any questions regarding our Order Policies, please call (905) 979-0021. We will be happy to assist you.

No Minimum Order

Whether you are renting furniture for the whole house or need just a couple of items you are equally important to us. We do not have Minimum Order.

Payment Methods

We accept Visa and MasterCard. We also accept cash, e-money transfer but we will still ask you to provide a credit card number to keep on file.